Bee Swarm Season

Bee swarm season is upon us as Summer starts coming into effect. The temperature in the valley is beginning to rise and the bees are beginnging to move. Be sure you’re ready.

Swarming is when the queen and a good chunk of the hive go exploring for a new place to nest. They’ll swarm to a temporary location while the scouts go out to find an acceptable space. During this time is when you’ll notice a sudden influx of bees around. While during this process the bees are generally docile and not agressive, they’re not fun to have buzzing around your home. Especially when you’ve got curious children and pets.

“Prime swarm season is generally in late spring and early summer and can contain anywhere from several hundred bees and be the size of a grapefruit, too much, much larger swarms having upwards of 30,000 bees and easily more than half the hive.” –

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