Ehrlich Pest Control has put together a nice list of spots pests like to hide out during the cold winter. Make sure you’re ready for any las vegas pests.

They recommend inspecting the following 8 locations for pests during the winter.

  1. Attics – Rodents and rats can hide out here away from human interference
  2. Pipes and drains – Cockroaches and ants are attracted to moist areas
  3. Chimneys – Bird, bats and squirrel nests
  4. Garages – Rodents like to hide in your storage
  5. Kitchens – All kinds of pests are attracted to food!
  6. Bird Feeders and Trash Cans – Food again!
  7. Foundation and walls – Similar to the attic, rodents will hide in the walls and under the foundation
  8. Windows and doors – Make sure you have a proper seal to reduce entry points

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Source: Equities & Ehrlich